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CLIENT // Los Alamos County, New Mexico PROJECT // Community Broadband Network - FTTH

Challenge:  High speed broadband access for the entire Los Alamos community is necessary to meet current and continually growing demand. It will assist in developing the community and economy by supporting applications for public safety, education, business development and telemedicine. The challenge is to meet the technology needs of an advanced scientific community and develop a business plan and design to deliver 1 Gbps of broadband connectivity to each residence and business.

Solution: Crestino designed an open access last mile network providing advanced broadband communications to all Los Alamos County citizens and institutions. The design is based on fiber optic cable between Point of Presence (POP) locations that connect to the Internet, Distribution Switch Facilities (DSF) located in the CBN Design Report neighborhoods, and connections into homes, multiple dwelling units (MDU) and businesses. All network electronics are connected via fiber optic cable extending to the Customer premise Ethernet switch, which interconnects with the Customer’s computer, or other information devices.

Result: The CBN Design Report delivers the plan for building a 1 Gigabit per second, open access, FTTH network. It defines CBN design, and describes how it will be built, operated and maintained. A separate document, CBN Business Plan describes funding mechanisms that provide the capital to construct the network, and the revenue to operate the network. The design uses the most advanced FTTH technology to deliver 1 Gigabit per second upload and download speeds to 9,000 homes and businesses.