At Crestino, we excel at just one thing: custom telecommunications network infrastructure solutions. We focus all of our expertise and energy on developing robust, state-of-the-art telecom network designs that enable our clients to meet their goals and prepare for the future.

We’re the only telecommunications consulting firm in New Mexico that combines technical skill and comprehensive knowledge of local regulations with a full range of network infrastructure engineering services.

Just as important as what we do, is how we do it.  We’re relentless about getting the job done right the first time. Staying current on leading edge technology ensures that we identify the right products for your project and create a sustainable network that keeps you well ahead of the curve. And we’ll overcome any challenge that arises – large or small -- whether it’s a complex procedure or extreme geoclimatic conditions.

Comprehensive Telecom Network Engineering Services: 

Plan – First, we learn about your goals, budget, timeline, existing infrastructure and networks.  Using that information, our technical expertise, problem solving skills, and knowledge of local policies and procedures, we develop a strategic plan for your network.

Design – We design customized, innovative, sustainable networks with a focus on high-speed connectivity, reliability, capacity and security. Because we’re independent of any vendor or supplier, we use only the leading-edge technologies that are the best fit for your project.

Implement – From coordinating and managing installation to testing connections, we’ll make sure the network we designed for you is built to spec and works as planned.

Manage – We manage your project beginning to end, from planning on Day 1 to training stakeholders to use your new network.

Partner – We make great partners too -- if your in-house engineering team needs additional expertise or fresh perspective on a telecommunications challenge, our technical experts are ready to help.


  • RF spectrum sweeps
  • Make ready engineering
  • GIS mapping
  • Aerial and underground cost analysis


  • M2M
  • AMI
  • Cyber security
  • Digital mobile radio
  • IPv6
  • LTE
  • Microwave radio
  • Optical fiber
  • Cellular
  • Small-cell

We connect people with unlimited possibilities.