June 2013

Crestino Participates in Research Project
for New Technologies

Crestino Telecom Solutions is excited to announce our participation in a NMSBA funded research project focusing on emerging technologies for Next Generation Information Assurance & Protection. This 2013 project will be led by Sandia National Laboratories CERL.

Crestino, in conjunction with Mescalero Apache Telecom Inc., will benefit as recipients of critical knowledge transfer of emergent Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) and associated Internet modernization technologies (i.e. broadband and mobility), building a firm technical competency of this new suite of technologies. In addition, we will obtain knowledge transfer of IPv6 security methods and practices to address complex cyber security challenges and maximize internal infrastructure security and customer data integrity. We will also receive assessment of emerging advanced Internet services with broad application across diverse transport media and devices in order to bring enhanced expertise to the market and support the users and beneficiaries of any communications network involving Education, Healthcare, Public Safety, Energy, and Agriculture.


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